Our Mission

At Titus Tutors, we are dedicated to bringing customized instruction to accommodate all learning needs and styles. We believe that everyone can learn, and it is our mission to understand how our students learn best and then provide instruction that meets their needs at any level.


Our Approach

Personalized Instruction Every Step of the Way

Our highly qualified teachers help you achieve your goals with proven methods that guarantee results. We support students looking to both strengthen their foundations and improve their performance. 

Titus Tutors provides students with individualized reading, writing and math instruction to meet their specific needs at any level. 

Reading & Writing: 

Proven Methodologies

Strong Letter/Sound Foundation

Proven reading methodologies and teaching techniques based on Orton Gillingham and Wilson Reading, as well as Lucy Caulkin's Reader's and Writer's Workshop models are proven to boost reading comprehension, decoding skills, reading rate, and fluency.

Girl at School
Boys at School

Math: Strategic Thinking

Develop Comprehension
Problem-solving Strategies

Our individualized math instruction is based on assessing each child's strengths and weaknesses. Summer goals are set to bolster each child's math skills to reflect their individual goals. We focus on building "math confidence" and raising the bar!

Grammar, Spelling, and Writing

Grammar/Writing Connections

Strong writing is critical for each child's success and confidence. Every subject requires our children to be able to express their knowledge in writing. Starting early with a strong foundation ensures they can excel. Grammar and spelling are used by our instructors to augment writing expression. Additionally, Titus Tutors can introduce and strengthen test taking skills and effective short answer and essay writing skills.

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